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   Discussion: Top 5 Weird Specs in WoW Classic
redrabbit · 10 months ago
Shirley Huang Date: August 07th, 2020 Views: 95 wow classic top weird specs wow classic weird specs wow classic talents wow classic talent builds wow classic gold Welcome to wow classic top 5 weird specs build guide. Today MetaGoblin will share with you the top 5 weird specs or talents in the game. All the content of this article is quoted from his video. Today we're going to count down the top five weird specs or talents we expect from classic WoW. 1. Ghost Rogue The first build is Ghost Rogue, because I had invented it when I was leveling. I'm sure people have used this build, it focuses on avoidance and increasing your defensive capabilities rather than focusing on your offensive, the capability isn’t increasing your DPS. When I was leveling, it was a very efficient leveling build, less damage, and it is good at soloing elites, dealing with multiple enemies and difficult encounters. It is soloing a few things in dungeons whoever I wanted to do a certain dungeon quest on my own without doing a group because you can get an extra ability to use ghostly strike, and that also increases your chance to dodge by 15% for 7s, so visibility is really cool that gives you a cool animation, and it makes mention of rotation interesting. Secondly, if you got a fairly slow weapon, it actually does more damage instance, which increases your dodge chance, and you can get up to about 60% avoidance. When you use goalie strike, which obviously matters massively reduce the damage, but I used were lighting Reflexes and deflection to inclusive avoidance by an extra 10%, which was really nice for Sakura pass that was really useful. If you're dealing with enemies who actually have weapons, it’s also a really cheeky, and DPS boost simply by the fact that it actually does 150 % weapon damage bound costs and energy barely. I also picked up my specialization, because if your jewel wielding maces actually process a lot and there is a free second stun while the enemy is stun, but not doing any damage to you, so that’s really nice and around about level 40, you can get the weapon called works third leg that is very cheap off the auction house. I got it fled to wow classic gold, and it was doing like ridiculous damage, and again, this specialization was a really useful talent. Apart from this, you pick up all the kind of typical talents like blade flurry, and you probably want to swap to soil specialization in the later levels when you are leveling, you just pick a couple of typical damage increasing combat talents. 2. Warlock Tank The Warlock Tank build focuses on stacking as much damage reduction as humanly possible and then throwing in a little bit of cheeky self-healing into the two builds with a few key talents, and you can easily stack up to about 70% damage reduction, which is pretty ridiculous very easily. Solo elites and dungeons on your per world to make money. If you really want to be that bold nonetheless, it is a very strong tanking build, the first key talent we have is sole link which reduces the amount of damage, because our damage is transferred to your pet instead, and then we also have master demonologist, which is usually physical damage you take by an extra 10%, so it's like a flat 40% damage reduction just from your talents, and it's going to stack with your armor rating and demon shield. 3. Shaman Tank We have a Shaman Tank bill, which is a bit of a fun build that you can use for flag-carrying since shams are pretty good a flood cam, because a ghost wolf and actually has a lot of really cool defensive talents, and it can be used in dungeons for tanking very easily. As a temporary tanking raiding environment, you'll notice he will look in the enhancement tree. It's very strange but was a number of tanking towers, which feels more like warrior talents in the tree, shield specialization anticipation toughness, and the parry talent, which obviously a really strong a defensive talent. Shaman was actually originally intended to be a bit of a tank build, and it just needs a little bit of extra room for it to actually become an actual viable raiding tank. 4. Melee Hunter Melee Hunter has a few different versions, and you know it was a few leveling build alternative PvP build. The most common melee tanking build is actually pretty popular, and it's called the melee weaving raid build. It's actually quite a viable way of increasing your DPS in a raiding environment and a few professional skilled hunters. It is considered to be a DPS increase more standard raid build, so in the hunters' rotation, there is a little bit of downtime, and essentially what you do in the downtime of fee rotation is that you go into melee range sneak in a little wrap to strike. 5. Smite Priest A Smite Priest is a hybrid healing, and DPS build if you ever play League of Legends, it's very similar to the hero called Soraka, who does a lot of healing buff, and also a few decent amount of damage. It's very useful in PvP because it has such a strong adaptive play style. If your team needs healing, you can do really good healing; if your team doesn't really need much healing, then you can help out over damage; if a warrior or a mage is going to absolutely ham, then you can buff him with power infusion to increase its damage by 20%, and you are just a really extremely useful player to have in a pretty typical pre-made PvP group. Most builds buffs will go deep into the discipline and dip a little toe into holy pickled tongue size searing light to increase your damage of smiting holy reach you increase your range for obvious reasons a little bit cheeky holy Nova because that's actually pretty good if you can't cast god to bless, her recovery for a little bit of extra defensive capability you obviously pick up power infusion and you've also got force with holy specialization to increase your crit chance by 10%, and then you can stack up in focus for a total of 35 increased critical chance to get a critical hit and a little bit of defense, those have improved in a fire and just general talents or increase your defensive capabilities, and more tailored for PvP. 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redrabbit · 9 months ago
OSRS – Tzhaar Fight Cave Guide While you're navigating Gielinor, slaying demons, and collecting large amounts of runescape 3 gold , you may not know what many consider to be one of the most difficult mini-games the game has to offer. This is known as the TzHaar Battle Cave, and defeating it requires a lot of preparation. Luckily, we have a helpful guide that will give you the information you need to tackle this! What is the TzHaar Battle Cave? TzHaar Fight Cave is considered by many to be one of the toughest TzHaar fighting mini games in OSRS. To defeat him you have to be armed and ready. Decent gear and combat skills should already be part of your arsenal, and there are a few things you want to avoid. Players have to fight wave after wave. You should also make sure not to log out manually, as this means that the current wave will have to repeat. Logging out during a cave fight will cause you to log out at the end of the golf break. The minigame is quite time consuming and can take the players several hours. Not only that, but it is enough to exhaust your resources as you will need a large amount of potions to carry you. It also depends on how experienced you are in the game as it can take hours to reach Jad if you have a short distance. Prayer protection is essential, which even hardcore gamers can't. OSRS Armadyl Guide Kree'arra is one of Armadyl's most trusted generals. He is among the most powerful of the surviving Aviantese, and leader to the forces of Armadyl's Eyrie in the God Wars Dungeon. In order to reach the encampment, players must first wield any crossbow along with a mithril grapple. A Ranged level of at least 70 is then required to navigate the chasm. To enter the boss room, players must have slain 40 followers of Armadyl, with Aviansies and their spiritual variants being his only followers within the dungeon. Unlike the other god wars bosses, regular Melee attacks will not work as Kree’arra is airborne. You can only use Ranged or Magic to fight against him. If you get Aviansies as a slayer task; Kree’arra and his minions will both be counted as a kill. You’ll need the following requirements: Quest Requirements · Completion of quests ‘Death Plateau’ and ‘Troll Stronghold’ (To the point where you defeat the NPC Dad) Other Requirements · A Crossbow of any type · Mithril Grapple to access the lair Skill Requirements (Minimum) · 85+ Combat Level (100+ Recommended) · 70+ Ranged (80+ Recommended) · 70+ Defence (80+ Recommended) · 92+ Magic (For Blood Barrage) · 70+ Hitpoints (80+ Recommended) · 44+ Prayer (To Use Eagle Eye) A strategy against Kree’arra is a must, if you’re entering the lair solo or in a team. When starting a trip at Kree'arra, many players prefer using an ecumenical key to skip kill count. This is due to how slow Armadyl kill count is obtained, along with all of the followers' innate sense of danger, where they will immediately attack the player upon them attempting to attack, even if they can actually hit them or not. Kree'arra, unlike the other generals, utilizes all three forms of combat. Offensively, he possesses 300 Attack, 200 Strength, 200 Magic and 380 Ranged, with +136 melee accuracy, +12 melee strength, +120 ranged accuracy, and +50 ranged strength. He is arguably the most defensive general of the four, with a Defence level of 260, possessing +180 stab, slash and crush (even though he can't be attacked with normal melee) and +200 magic and ranged bonuses. By default, Kree'arra attacks with ranged and magic. The ranged attack consists of grey dust tornadoes, while the magic attack is a blue dust tornado. Kree'arra's magic attack is classified as ranged magic, meaning that it's accuracy rolls against the player's ranged defence bonuses, rather than magic. The ranged attack deals up to 71 damage, while his magic attack deals up to 21. Both of these attacks hit all players in the room, and can knock the player back a tile unless they are standing in the corners of the chamber. You must keep Protect from Missiles on at all times while Kree’arra is alive, or you might end up in a swift death. If you’re going to encounter him solo, the best method of killing Kree’arra is to use red or black chinchompas. Kree’arra has high defence bonuses, so hitting him is significantly harder compared to other generals. In case of chinchompas – if the hit is successful, then all the other monsters in range will take damage regardless of their defence level and bonuses. In order to utilize this method, both the targets need to be near or directly on each other. When you utilize this method, do keep it mind that Kree’arra must be targeted when the you’re not attacking (Off-tick); or else, you will attempt to use Melee. When an untouched room is entered, Kree'arra and his minions will be wandering around. Players should move to the southwestern corner of the chamber to line up both Kree'arra and Kilisa. The player throws the chinchompas at Kilisa, allowing the chinchompas to damage Kree'arra in the process. Kilisa will clearly die before Kree'arra does at the start of the encounter, so switch to your crossbow or twisted bow to kill Kree'arra. If Kilisa respawns before Kree'arra dies, then let her come to the player before switching to chinchompas. When the room is cleared and Kree'arra respawns, he attempts to melee the player, his hitboxes will also collide with Geerin, allowing chinchompas to be used on both of them for equal effect. The primary advantage of two chinchompa targets allows players to maintain more consistent damage, although there are also a few disadvantages in doing so; if the player's reflexes are too slow, Kree'arra will move out of the chinchompa's AoE, forcing the player to fully lure Kree'arra in onto Kilisa, and also reduces the overall amount of health healed if Geerin does not respawn before Kree'arra dies. It is advised that you walk under Kree’arra after every shot to reduce his attack rate, because he has a better attack speed of around 3, or 1.8 seconds. Once Kree’arra dies, switch to your toxic blowpipe to kill off the minions in order. First attack Skree, as Kilisa and Geerin can be stacked for ‘Blood Barrage’. Geerin and Skree will generally attack on different ticks (Due to the spawn location), allowing their attacks to be flicked. You can also save more food, by flicking all three minions’ attacks. If you’re going in as a team, every player inside the room deals damage from Kree’arra’s attacks, so bringing a designated tank is pointless. The best option is to bring the strongest crossbow in possession (Twisted Bow) with ruby diamond enchanted bolts, and a blowpipe to switch and kill the minions’ when Kree’arra dies. To conclude this guide, I’ll list the necessary equipment’s recommended to wear during the fight. The list is in the exact order – Most effective to the least effective equipment’s (Right – left). Equipment, if you’re using Chinchompas Head – Slayer Helmet (i) (If you’re on a slayer task), Justiciar Faceguard, Verac’s Helm, Armadyl Helmet, Karil’s Coif Neck – Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Fury, Amulet of Glory, Amulet of Power Cape – Ava’s Assembler, Ranging Cape, Ava’s Accumulator Body – Armadyl Chestplate, Karil’s Leathertop, Armadyl/Zamorak D’hide Body, Black D’hide Body Legs – Armadyl Chainskirt, Karil’s Leatherskirt, Armadyl/Zamorak Chaps, Black D’hide Chaps, Verac’s Plateskirt Weapon – Black Chinchompas, Red Chinchompas Shield – Elysian Spirit Shield, Dragonfire Ward, Twisted Buckler, Dragonfire Shield, Crystal Shield Ammunition – Dragon Arrows for Twisted Bow / Diamond Dragon Bolts (e) for Dragon/Armadyl Crossbow, Rune Arrows for Twisted Bow / Diamond Bolts (e) for Dragon/Armadyl Crossbow Hand – Barrows Gloves, Armadyl/Zamorak Braces, Black D’hide Vambraces Feet – Pegasian Boots, Guardian Boots, Ranger/Blessed Boots, Bandos Boots, Boots of Brimstone Ring – Ring of Suffering (i), Archers Ring (i), Brimstone Ring, Ring of Life Ranged Tank Head – Slayer Helmet (i) (If you’re on a slayer task), Justiciar Faceguard, Verac’s Helm, Armadyl Helmet, Karil’s Coif Neck – Amulet of Fury, Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Glory, Amulet of Power Cape – Ava’s Assembler, Ava’s Accumulator, Ranging Cape, Ava’s Attractor Body – Armadyl Chestplate, Karil’s Leathertop, Armadyl/Zamorak D’hide Body, Black D’hide Body Legs - Armadyl Chainskirt, Karil’s Leatherskirt, Armadyl/Zamorak Chaps, Black D’hide Chaps Weapon – Armadyl Crossbow, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dragon Crossbow, Rune Crossbow Shield – Dragonfire Shield, Crystal Shield, Dragonfire Ward, Twisted Buckler, Odium Ward Ammunition – Dragon Arrows for Twisted Bow / Diamond Dragon Bolts (e) for Dragon/Armadyl Crossbow, Rune Arrows for Twisted Bow / Diamond Bolts (e) for Dragon/Armadyl Crossbow, Ruby Bolts (e) Hand – Barrows Gloves, Armadyl/Zamorak Braces, Black D’hide Vambraces Feet – Pegasian Boots, Guardian Boots, Blessed/Ranger Boots, Bandos Boots, Boots of Brimstone Ring – Ring of Suffering (i), Archers Ring (i), Warriors’ Ring (i), Brimstone Ring, Ring of Life That finishes RuneScape guide,and Osrs Gold for sale here, good luck!  
redrabbit · 9 months ago
World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Maldraxxus - The Grittiest Zone In the next expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, we will see a selection of afterlives. Anyone who dies can go to any kind of heaven or hell, from a castle full of vampires devils who torture people to get them back in line, to a beautiful forest of restoration and peace. But the weirdest afterlife is Maldaxxus, which serves as the military task force in Shadowlands. The whole zone is grim, gritty, dedicated to the glorious combat. wow classic gold cheap Maldraxxus has the Nercrolords Covenant, as well as some familiar characters - such as Thrall's mom, Draka. There are several central pillars that make Necrolords unique. One, unlike the Kyrian in Bastion, they don't expect you to erase your memories of being mortal - instead, they think you were such a great, kickass person that they want you to embrace that and improve upon yourself. Maldraxxus is a place for those who are always on that grind, except here, that effort is rewarded by getting to choose your own physical form (like a giant 12-foot-tall ripped skeleton, if you're lucky). The second thing that makes Maldraxxus unique is that it's essentially a job. The Necrolords serve as the military agents of the Shadowlands, and that doesn't usually mean they fight the other Covenants. In the "Afterlives: Maldraxxus" short, we see Draka infiltrate a Burning Legion world in order to steal a map. Maldraxxus is ruled by someone called the Primus, who was part of the "Pantheon of Death" that ruled over the Shadowlands. He may be the most tactical, the most long-thinking of the Eternal Ones. So, when it came time to muster a defense force for the Shadowlands, the Primus decided the answer was a system that would eternally separate wheat from chaff in a giant series of melees and battles. But the Primus is missing in action, and that friendly struggle between the Houses of Maldraxxus has turned into an outright slaughter. People are killing their rivals, undermining their allies, and panicking about the animal draught that's affecting all of the Shadowlands. The player will have to join forces with the Necrolords on a temporary basis, or as part of their Covenant. If players join the Necrolords, they'll also get a suite of powerful abilities and cosmetics. So WOW fans will be able to experience Shadowlands soon, but at the same time, you will need to fully prepared for greater challenges. I believe everyone is aware of the importance of WOW Gold in the entire WOW. You can do almost everything with WOW Gold, from controlling the process to mitigating damage. But it'll waste much time when you completing quests, farming or killing enemies to earn WOW Gold. In order to ensure a good gaming experience for players and save you a lot of unnecessary time, provides cheap WOW Gold, and all WOW Gold sold on this site is safe and legal, and there are different payment and delivery methods for you to choose from, completely avoiding the risk of your account being banned.
redrabbit · 8 months ago
What About OSRS Achievement Diary and update requirements The achievement diary is a set of one-time tasks and challenges for members only. After completing the tasks, they can get rewards and various benefits. Each achievement diary contains tasks usually related to a specific area, the purpose is to test the player's skills and knowledge about that area. There are currently achievement diaries in the twelve regions. The tasks in each area are divided into four categories according to their difficulty: easy, medium, difficult, and elite. The simplest tasks usually do not require any important skill level to complete, but most higher-level tasks require players to have a higher skill level to complete. If the player wants to reach the level quickly and efficiently, then OSRS Gold is essential Yes, it can help you exchange for the weapons or equipment you need. Players who have completed all achievement diaries can purchase the achievement diary cloak from Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 coins. Completing all achievement diaries will also add a cyan border to the Quest point cloak. Diary difficulty is sorted by the level that needs to be completed: easily required to reach level 40 skills, medium required to reach level 65, difficult to reach level 75 and elites will require skills in the 90s. Therefore, if you want to complete all specific diary difficulty, it is recommended that you have all skills at the diary difficulty level. RS3gold is a high-quality game service platform. We are committed to balancing the relationship between games and players. We will update the latest news about OSRS in real time. We will also provide the latest game guide. If you need to Buy OSRS Gold, we will also help You provide the best quality service. Regarding the Achievement Diary update, we hope to lower the diary layer required for the permanent ropes at the entrance to the Kalphite Lair and Kalphite Queen tunnels. It is currently in the Elite layer and we hope to reduce it to Hard. By freeing up the space leading to Queen Calfit's lair, this will help players choose the Elite Desert Achievement diary. Thank you for reading and buy osrs gold from all the time, thank you again. Good luck!
miles · 5 months ago
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->When I read this report, thanks to the author for the very comprehensive explanation, I resolved my query entirely. On the<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->, I wrote my review. You can go in and read it. Thank you so much for the consideration you have devoted to your time.
redrabbit · 5 months ago
World of Warcraft’s latest exploit creates an infinite army of luminous blue bears One of the latest exploits to beset World of Warcraft last weekend involves spawning in a horde of luminous blue bears. What people did with their furry friends differs, but some of the options to pop up, so far, include farming gold or settling a grudge with a world boss that gave them a hard time. Content creator Archvaldor explains that the Wrath of Aliothe world quest must be up for the exploit to work. It’s also worth mentioning that the exploit will likely be hot fixed before the quest comes back around, and that even if it wasn’t, using it can lead to server lag and a potential ban. As for how people used the exploit, it started with heading to the Garden of Night in Ardenweald where the world quest is located. When you got there, Aliothe would suggest you don her avatar – read: a giant luminous blue bear – and cleanse the Garden of Spriggans. If you wandered over to the edge of the zone, though, you could summon a bear army by turning into the bear and immediately hopping out. If you do that the bear will remain behind rather than despawn as the game registers it as your pet. As Archvaldor had a gang of one-shotting bears to roam around with, he spent his time farming wildlife for gold. Apparently, he was making 50-100K every hour. If you’d like to find out more, you can catch his video below: Other people, however, decided to settle old grudges—one WoW player spawned in 150 bears so he could one-shot a world boss. We imagine the exploit will be patched before the Wrath of Aliothe world quest returns, but If you just want to watch an army of luminous blue bears roam Ardenweald, there’s plenty of content for you to enjoy. In WoW Classic, WOW Classic items are very common because the raids or end-game bosses are often not conquered. Shopping for WOW Classic Gold from is recommended, where you can enjoy cost-effective offers, quick delivery, 100 % security,
Brown Bee · 5 days ago
I LOVE THIS!! You should try it. friday night funkin

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